Messin' With Mud Parties

A clay party in the comfort of your own home! You provide the work area & I bring all the supplies. I will need access to water. 

Messin' With Mud parties are perfect for children, bachelorettes, friends, family, or team building. You will be creating an original piece of pottery you can use and enjoy forever. You’ll have the option to learn to make a bowl, mug, or plate! If you were thinking about a different form, the party can be customized to your requirements. 

A typical pottery party is held in one session where you will make your own art object from wet clay and then hand paint a design on it. I will take all pieces back to my studio after the party. Your artwork will take approximately one week to dry, depending on thickness, before it can be kiln fired for the first time. After the first firing, I will clear glaze your work and fire it a second time. Artwork can usually be picked up 3 weeks after your event.

Party duration: 2 hours

Pricing: Each spot is $30; your party must have a minimum of 6 people. 

Payment: You can have each person purchase their spot or you can purchase all; totally up to you! If you decide to have each person purchase their spot, have them comment with the party they are attending, so I can keep track of payments. 

Options for Payment include Venmo, PayPal, or this link: Messin' With Mud Party Payment! Be sure to enter the number of spots you are purchasing in the quantity section. 

To schedule a party you can contact me by email at or message me on Instagram or Facebook!